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Kerchiefs are fun

What is wrong with wearing a kerchief? My mummah thinks it is funny for some reason. I love my kerchief. It is green, and has leprechauns, pots of gold and root beer drink. Some of my favorite things.  I have lots of things that I like, but those are things that I really like. The butt cheese vampire also wears kerchiefs, and she is cool in a really mongoloid type of way. Throwing balls at the school wall is so fun. That is what I do in the morning when I catch the bus on time. Sometimes I wear my glove and catch it. No silly, not a baseball glove, a glove from the millennium that has the date 01-01-2000 on each finger. That is really cool. Your a moron so you don’t know what cool is. Mummah is a moron too.