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Propeller Hats

Wow, today Boi and I found the best thing ever! Propeller hats! What is better than that? It is not only a hat, but it has a spinner on top. I am already partial to hats, but one could never guess how amazing these hats could be. When I get mad at mummah I can put my hat on and fly away. Boi says it will help him to jump down to the safeness of his friends when the butt cheese vampire is annoying him, or if Smarticles the Clown is coming. “They” won’t taint our water supply or get us when we have these fancy hats on. Too bad your not me, MORON!


What I want for dinner

Tonight I asked mummuh for something special, one of my favorites…guess!!!
Okay, I will tell you, it’s canned peas in the juice with ranch dressing on top, followed by beefaroni with melted nacho cheese and a glass of red drink. Yum

Spamberlie product reviews

Spamberlie product reviews :

My mummah bought me a futon for my bedroom, my previous was inadequate due to an abnormal bladder dysfunction that I sometimes suffer from, since I am allergic to people with freckles, but that is not the point.
I have been sleeping on the rod iron tri-star futon purchased from Walmart for around one month, my lumber support is now shot to hell, I sprain my ankle every time I lay on it, this futon causes me to have thigh spasms and involuntary muscle movement, I need to take inhales to feel rested.   If not for adult contemporary music during my witching hour, I would never be allowed slumber. I explained to my school nurse that I felt as though the spirits were punishing me for a crime committed, called being an amazing person/dinosaur. The nurse promptly gave me a tums and asked my what color my poop was, I said Dinosaurs primarily poop in the brown family, possibly burnt umber! The nurse agreed and called mummah to come pick me up, since I was clearly ill and needed full wheelchair access and or mobility. In short the futon is for morons and can only be given 2 stars or spambie thumbs up.

However I may feel different tomorrow, check back, or not… you moron.