I am a worldly girl with a knack for the creative. I enjoy pretending to be a dinosaur, using nail polish to stick post-it notes to my floor, squeezing my cat, screaming, ranting about nothing, coming up with new diseases and inflictions, telling the school nurse I am allergic to the sun, listening to Delila, sleeping on a futon with my scoobie pillow, collecting band aids, making piles, spinning, making pigeon noises, eating everything with ranch, microwaving nachos, plunging v-necks, rubbing toothpaste on my teeth so my mom thinks I brushed, eating rows of crackers, running away to live in a bush, sleeping in a cocoon bed and many more things that i might not be able to fit on this tiny page.

Please feel free to hang out with me in my cyber bedroom, we can talk about animals, plastics, beads and cat shoes!


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